Solve Elec

Solve Elec 2.5

Solve Elec 2.5, an educational program to draw and analyze electrical circuits

Solve Elec 2.5 is a free educational program to draw and analyze electrical circuits.
The program can be installed in English or French.

The electrical circuits can be of direct or alternate current.

This program allows you to get literal formulas and values for current intensities and voltages defined in the circuit, verify circuit related equations, get the equivalent circuit of displayed circuit, browse the integrated documentation and edit, save and print reports.

Solve Elec features an oscilloscope and performs frequency response graphs.

The program allows you to draw circuits using the right simbols, included in the program. (contacts, switcher, resistors, LED, diodes, amplifiers, transistors, voltmeter, ammeter, etc.).

You can choose to apply direct or alternate current to the circuit. Once finished, you can turn on the circuit to test it.

The program will inform you if the circuit does work. You will also be able to make a graph of the circuit.

You will also be able to test the frequency response.

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